Wafer Basic Weight Control Valve Electric Control Valve

  • BVQ series
  • V-notch Ball Valve
  • Stepper Electric Actuator
  • Precise control for paper quantity and quality

It consists of an integrated intelligent electric actuator and v-notch ball valve.

It is mainly used in the accurate control of pulp flow in the paper-making machines to meet people’s increasing demand for paper quantity and quality.

Wafer Basic Weight Control Valve Electric Control Valve

  • High resolution, accurate flow control
  • High repeatability, zero backlash, no backlash
  • Precision and rugged, lightweight design, simple installation
  • Precise feedback control
  • Accurate control of paper quality
  • Digital setting and display on electronic control panel (0- 100.0%)
  • Suitable for connection with DCS/QCS and other control systems
V-Notch Ball Valve

Valve Body

  • Integral design

Ball Design

  • V-notch Ball

Seat Options

  • metal seat (-40~300 ℃)
  • soft seat (-40~180 ℃)

End Connection

  • Wafer


  • 300∶1

Flow Characteristics

  • EQ%

Valve Size Range

  • DN50~250mm
  • NPS 2″-10”

Pressure Range

  • DIN PN 16 PN25
  • ANSI 150,

Pressure Range

  • ANSI/FCI 70.2 IV/100(Metal Seat)
  • ANSI/FCI 70.2 VI(Soft Seat)
Intelligent Electric Actuator

Output torque options

  • 1:140
  • 1:160

Stepper motor

  • 2phase pulse

Full step length options:

  • 7000
  • 8000

Half step length options:

  • 14000
  • 16000

1/4step length options:

  • 28000
  • 32000

Rotation options:

  • 35
  • 40

Limit switch number

  • 2 pieces
  • 24vdc
  • normally open

Feedback potentiometer:

  • 1KΩ±0.1%
  • 4mA- Full closing valve position
  • 20mA- Full open valve position

Image Show of Wafer Basic Weight Control Valve Electric Control Valve
Wafer Basic Weight Control Valve Electric Control Valve
Wafer Basic Weight Control Valve Electric Control Valve
Wafer Basic Weight Control Valve Electric Control Valve


The valve is controlled by an electric actuator driven by a stepper motor, which is connected to the valve through a gear mechanism with high deceleration ratio (no Backlash). The full travel time of the valve can be determined by the step angle of the stepper motor or the deceleration ratio of the reducer.

The time can be set from 30 seconds to 600 seconds. The total travel time of the general valve operation is set to 240 seconds (4 minutes).

Its rear cover has an electronic control panel on which the LED number XX.X% shows the opening of the valve. The valve opening signal comes from the precise position sensor at the valve. This signal is converted into 4-20mA current signal from the special circuit board in the actuator and sent to the electronic control device. The effect of this signal transformation can minimize interference.

1. Segment Ball valve


3.Valve position indication


5.Output shaft

6.Valve Position Inspection Mechanism

7.Flexible reducer

8.Stepper motor

9. Waterproof cable head PG9

10.Manual rear axle(Manual rotary valve)

11.Connection terminal

12. led Digital display

13.Function button

Valve Model Selection Guide

Step 1: Service Condition














Step 2: Valve Selection
Step 3: Actuator Selection
Pneumatic Actuator Type *
Air Pressure Supply of Pneumatic Actuator *
Manual Operation *
Step 4: Accessories Selection
Step 5: Leave your contact information
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