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Chlorine Service

The challenges of high temperature, pressure and expansion rate must be overcome to prevent leakage of chlorine into the environment or upstream of the valve.

Chlorine, as a highly corrosive chemical, creates additional challenges for the valve. If the proper high alloys are not used, valves will quickly corrode and fail. Again, the result of valve failure is unacceptable in terms of both safety and productivity.

Ethylene and Propylene

There are many critical valves within an ethylene plant. From cracking to quenching, valves are subject to a wide range of thermal conditions, corrosive medium and coke residue. In these demanding applications, inferior valves will quickly wear, leak and need service.

Polyolefins and Polymers

Medium containing resin, unreacted catalyst and possibly even chunks of polymer present yet another source of valve failure. The buildup of these elements, especially behind the ball cavity, will cause the valve to seize. In extreme cases, accumulation of teal catalyst has resulted in valve leakage and dangerous fires when the chemical was exposed to air.

Selection Principle
  • The model and performance of the selected valve can achieve the requirements of process parameters such as flow rate, pressure, working temperature, medium going through pipe etc

  • Corrugated pipe sealing design or leak-free valves are required for valves that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media,

  • Corrosive materials such as teflon are required for flow passage components for valves that transport corrosive media.
  • For valves containing solid particulate media, it is required that the flow passage component have to be made of wear-resistant material, and if necessary, the shaft seal should be flushed with a cleaning liquid.

  • When valve going through highly corrosive media (such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid), flammable and explosive media, and environment must not have any pollution, you can use a resilent valves.

  • Choosing the proper valve is crucial for you as it not only saving the cost, but the valve can work in a long service life.

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