ZC Automation also provides severe and special services,besides designing and manufacturing standard items, . For product technology development, the company has advanced machining, die-casting, stamping, grinding, automatic polishing, automatic painting, and production capabilities. We have a complete set of equipment, processing methods, and testing methods.

By establishing CAD valve design centers and three-dimensional simulation manufacturing experimental design systems, new high-quality products can be developed more quickly.By implementing a perfect quality assurance system, we are striving relentlessly to obtain API certification after passing ISO 9000 International Quality Certification.


To continuously improve the quality and technology of our products, company’s 3% annual sales revenue is put into technology research and development. A broad line of materials are offered and fabricated, Steel material ranges from conventional cast or forged steel to special alloy materials like Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy or Duplex steel. Cast Iron Materials in GG20, GG25 or ASTM A126 Gr. B, Ductile Iron of GGG40, GGG50 or A536. Designing and Manufacturing standards strictly conform to API, ASTM, ANSI, AWWA, JIS, DIN, BS and ISO.


ZC Automation carries out a comprehensive inspection of each equipment to ensure that the pass rate of product is 100%, reducing the failure rate of product use. Prolong the service life. ZC always insists that quality is the fundamental principle and attaches great importance to the strict quality requirements. The “Quality Manual” is a guideline that must be followed by all departments and all employees of the company in quality activities.

Meanwhile, each production workshop quality inspection station under the company’s Quality Management Department monitors the entire process of each production process, enabling operators to strictly follow the process flow and requirements, and records the quality of each process in order to recourse on product quality.Chemical composition test- Spectrometer,Physical&Mechanical Performance Tester,Torsion Testing Machine ,Portable Spectrometer ,Ultrasonic Defect Detector ,Spring Tensile Tester ,Impact Tester ,Ultrasonic Thickness Meter ,Coating Thickness Meter ,Shaw Rubber Hardness Tester,CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) ,Surface Roughness Tester and Vickers Hardness Tester are used to ensure that the pass rate of product is 100%.

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