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ZC AUTOMATION was located at Binhai New Area,Pingyang,Zhejiang,China, we have design, processing and production capabilities for product technology development advanced machining, die-casting,stamping, grinding, large-scale automatic polishing, automatic painting etc

Testing To Ensure 100% Pass Rate

All valve inspection should undergo related standard pressure testing and guarantee testing time as per standard.
High hydraulic pressure test: seal two ends of valve, keep semi-opening and input a certain pressure of medium, then close valve, connect one face with air to check if there is any medium coming out.
Air tightness test: seal two ends of valve, keep semi-opening and input a certain pressure of air, close the valve tightly, connect one face with air, after releasing the rest air, check if there is any bubble coming out.

Full Range Of Industrial Valves

Types of products include threaded ball valve,welded ball valve,floating ball valve,trunnion ball valve,pipelined ball valve,segment ball valve,wafer ball valve,three way ball valve,four way ball valve,resilient ball valve,resilient butterfly valve,triple offset butterfly valve,center lined butterfly valve,high performance butterfly valve,lugged knife gate valve,double knife gate valve,slurry knife gate valve,through-going knife gate valve,globe valve,gate valve,check valve,single seat globe control valve,sleeve globe control valve etc.

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