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With a creative, solutions-minded valve partner, you can make water treatment and the handling of wastewater more sustainable and quieter. Reliable, industry-proven valves protect infrastructure investments from shutdown, safeguard neighborhoods and help avoid any legal or reputational risks of unsafe applications control.

We leverage years of research to engineer for the toughest municipal and industrial water treatment or wastewater challenges. Our experience with custom assemblies and cost-constricted projects ensures valve solutions that offer the best value for the stakeholders you serve.

Our valves are designed to help you safely optimize flow through pump control stations and assemblies requiring special surge equipment and safety shutoffs. They protect against reverse flow or prevent slamming problems. Each valve is designed to reduce clogging, ensure purity and increase reliability. We also provide end-to-end valve packages that resist corrosion and allow easy maintenance access.

 Valve Selection Principles
  • The model and performance of the selected valve can achieve the requirements of process parameters such as flow rate, pressure, working temperature, medium going through pipe etc

  • Corrugated pipe sealing design or leak-free valves are required for valves that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media,

  • Corrosive materials such as teflon are required for flow passage components for valves that transport corrosive media,

  • For valves containing solid particulate media, it is required that the flow passage component have to be made of wear-resistant material, and if necessary, the shaft seal should be flushed with a cleaning liquid.

  • When valve going through highly corrosive media (such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid), flammable and explosive media, and environment must not have any pollution, you can use a resilent valves.

  • Choosing the proper valve is crucial for you as it not only saving the cost, but the valve can work in a long service life.

Experience and Cases
Wetlap Machine #3,TNPL,India

Wetlap Machine|TNPL

PM 7 project| ITC

Rayagada |JK PAPER

Pulp Making|CMPC

Pulp Making|Suzano

Paperboard Making|Visy Paper

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