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Use for fully open or close,

we call it shut off valve.

It is equipped with electric or pneumatic actuator to automatically control the ball opening angle at position of 100% open (close) to turn on (cut off) the medium in the pipeline.

Shut off Valve

A full range of accessory items are available for Shut off Valve including limit switches, solenoid valves, and air filter regulator.

Pneumatic Valve

Assembled with pneamatic actuator and accessories items

Electric Valve

Assembled with electric actuator for on-off applications

Accessories Items

For Pneumatic Valve

01. Limit Switches
  • what is the type of limit switches?
  • Is it mechnical or inductive?
  • Is it explosion proof?
02. Solenoid Valve
  • what is the type of solenoid valve ?
  • Is it explosion proof?
  • how many ports wanted?
  • what is the voltage required?
03. Air Filter Regulator
  • filter
  • fliter+lubricutor
  • fliter+lubricutor+regulator
Shut off Valve
We are focus on kind of shut valves and control valves

They are widely used in industries such as pulp and paper, petroleum, chemical, water power plant, coal-fire, power plant and water treatment etc.

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