Control Valve-How they work ?

When precise control is required, globe control valve are the favorite in many industries. Globe Control valve use linear motion of a plunger that seats in a seat in a plane that divides the upper and lower half of the valve.

Globe control valve is composed of valve body,bonnet,trim,sealing seat,actuator and accessories, there are diffirent types of globe control valve because various design of valve body, bonnet and trim ect, each is for a specific function.

Globe Control Valve
Valve Body

Straight flow port

This s-shaped staight flow port with smooth internal wall can provide high flow capacity, low pressure loss and stable flow movement, most globe valve adopt this flow port.

3-Way flow port

Converging and diverging is the purpose to use three way flow port, this type flow port can be divided into L port and T port which can help to save the installation space as well as purchase cost.


Angle flow port

100% has same feature as straight flow port except the port is at an right angle which is very suitable for applications of high viscosity subject to slagging and clogging.

Straight Flow Port

Straight flow port

Three Way port

3-way flow port

Angle Flow Port

angle flow port

Valve Bonnet

Applicable temperature:-20℃-+230℃

It is for service under ambient temperature. Bonnet is in the same material as valve body functioning as both closure or body and connector with actuator.

High Temperature
Applicable temperature: >+230℃

It is designed for high temperature application with protection of packing and actuator by increasing the cooling area.

Applicable temperature: -196 ℃-+45 ℃

It is design for low temperature application with medium such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen. This type bonnet is able to protect the packing and actuator effectively by extension in the bonnet height. The standard material isSS304 and SS316. Other materials are also available as per application requirements.

Metal Bellows
Applicable temperature: -60 ℃-+530 ℃

It is installed inside with stainless steel bellows components to completely isolate the medium from ambient. meanwhile, the smooth movement of stem is maintained.In addition.there is still stuffing box inside bonnet to prevent the waste or pollution caused by emission of medium.

standard bonnet


Extended Stem


High Temperature

High Temperature

orrugated pipe high temperature

Metal Bellows

orrugated pipe high temperature

Metal Bellows

Valve Packing


It is with combined packing of complementary characteristics to reduce friction and lextend service life. Various combination of components are available depending on application. Applicable Temperature Range : -20℃ to ~ +230℃


This is a double containment sealing with two groups of flexible graphite packing installed in series which is with good resistance to high temperature and pressure.Applicable Temperature Range:-40℃ ~+450℃


This is a double containment sealing with two groups of reinforced PTFE packing installed in series while at opposite direction which is good for high pressure and vacuum application.Applicable Temperature Range: -196℃ ~+230℃

PTFE Packing

PTFE Packing

Flexible Graphite

Flexible Graphite



Bellows Type

Bellows Type

Vacuum Type

Vacuum Type

Valve Trim
single seat-globe valve

single seated,threaded type,unidirectional

single seat ,cage guide.

single seat or cage guide,compression type,bi-directional

standard cage

unbalanced,standard and uncurved

double cage guide

balanced,double fenestrated cage,curved

cage guide

balanced,fenestrated cage,curved

noise reduction cage

unbalanced,noise reducting,uncurved


perforated plug

un-balanced perforated and curved

fenestrated plug

fenestrated unbalanced and curved

double plug

double plugs,unbalanced and curved

balanced plug

non flow characteristic balanced and uncurved

parabola typ plug

parabola unbalanced and curved

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