1.5 millon tons per year of pulp making Project,Suzano,Brazil

Nation : Brazil

Buyer Name:Suzano

Valve Type : Segment ball control valves,full bore ball on-off valves,butterfly valves,pipeline ball valve and medium consistency valve

Supply Time: 2015 Year

Industry Type:Paper and Pulp

Introduction:One of the global largest integrated eucalyptus pulp and paper producer in Latin America

Its total production capacity is 4.7 million tonnes/year of pulp and paper.

Principles of valve selection
The model and performance of the selected valve can achieve the requirements of process parameters such as flow rate, pressure, working temperature, medium going through pipe etc.

Requirements of liquid property

For valves that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, corrugated pipe sealing design or leak-free valves are required.

For valves that transport corrosive media, corrosive materials such as teflon are required for flow passage components.

For valves containing solid particulate media, it is required that the flow passage component have to be made of wear-resistant material, and if necessary, the shaft seal should be flushed with a cleaning liquid.

When valve going through highly corrosive media (such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid), flammable and explosive media, and environment must not have any pollution, you can use a resilent valves.

We mainly supply kinds of ball valve,globe valve,gate Valve,check valve,butterfly valve,knife gate valve etc. Our modular product line of valves, actuators and accessories offer the best compatibility, economy and quality performance in the flow control industry.

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